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Top 11 Benefits of Installing Window Shutters  

Are you looking for ways to add elegance and ambiance to the windows of your sweet home? Interior shutters are your go-to option. The interior shutters are making their way back to contemporary homes. At Stylish Windows, the best window treatment company in NYC offer numerous styles to choose from, and our experts ensure to suggest the right design that perfectly complements your living standards.

Window shutters offer the right atmosphere and sophistication to any room of your home, but there are varied things to consider while planning to add these shutters to your windows.

What are window shutters?

When it comes to choosing the right window treatment for your home, the options are overwhelming. From window blinds and shades to draperies and shutters, there are tremendous options to consider. Also, each window treatments in Manhattan are available in a different color, style, and material.

Window shutters are a popular and long-lasting window treatment option in the market today. Built around a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails, shutters offer a variety of styles within the frame, which include solid panels, louvers, glass, and fabrics. These shutters are also versatile when it comes to flexibility, which depends on the style and structure of the building.

Why window shutters are important?

If you are confused about whether or not to invest in a good-quality window shutter, here are the top reasons to decide:

Stylish and versatile

Window shutters are highly versatile and appear modern, transitional, and traditional depending on how and where you install them. The best window shutters range from real wood and hybrid shutters to UV-resistant shutters that can withstand extreme heat, humidity, and high-traffic areas.

Matches the décor

The window shutters come in different colors like white, grey, taupe, brown, and black, which means you can find the perfect shutters to compliment your décor, interior, and statement pieces.

Custom looks

With varied louver sizes, homeowners can create multiple different looks with shutters. The small louvers often perform better on small windows and give a traditional look, while the large louvers work best for large windows, and offer a great advantage over view-through and a sleek look.

Choose the best

The window shutters at Stylish Windows are available in hardwood, composite, or UV-resistant compounds. You can choose from a wide range of shutter materials that work best for your home requirements. Humid regions like bathrooms and kitchens demand shutters that are waterproof, which can get scrubbed with soap and eliminate warping.

Safe for kids and pets

Since the window shutters are cordless, they are great for kids’ rooms, and safe for pets too. These are durable enough to stand up to long hours of play and easy to clean and maintain using a light vacuum or a damp cloth.

Choose your level of privacy

Homeowners can create different levels of privacy within a single shutter panel. The upper half of the shutter stays wide open to bring in natural light while the lower half closes for privacy, which makes shutters a great choice for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Perfect for shaped windows

Oddly-shaped windows like arches and hexagons are perfect for window shutters, as they can get easily customized to fit almost any window size and shape.

Increase the home’s resale value

Custom wood shutters in rich shades look like custom cabinetry for the windows and boost the overall value of the home. Also, they are durable and provide great energy efficiency.

Great for sliding and French doors

It often gets challenging to choose window treatments for doors, but shutters offer multiple ways to create a statement piece with standard sliding and French doors. Also, there are two operating systems that work best for different window treatments like Bi-Fold Track System which enables the panels to fold like a fan when opened, and the Bypass Track System which allows shutters to slide past each other, and you can enjoy the undisrupted scenic view.

Protect from harmful UV-rays

Window shutters prevent furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading. After all, it offers 99% protection from harmful UV rays when the louvers get closed. Additionally, the shutters provide sound absorption. So, if you are staying on one of the busy streets of New York City, window shutters are the best option for your home.

Enhanced security

Installing roller shutters increases your security at a considerable rate because windows are traditionally a weak path and a common target for thieves to enter the house. The noise and time to cut through a shutter are enough to put off the thief.

For ultimate shutter security, speak to a member of our team, and they shall guide you with the best available option in your defined budget.


Window shutters are one of the most dynamic window treatment solutions with added benefits. They do not just make your home look attractive, but also help save money on your utility bills while enhancing the comfort of your living space. So, if you haven’t yet considered buying window shutters, browse through our wide range of options in window treatments in NYC today.

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What is the use of window shutters?

Window shutters help control the amount of sunlight that enters the room to provide privacy, security, and protection against weather or unwanted disturbance to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

What is the difference between window blinds and shutters?

The major difference between shutters and blinds is their structure. Window shutters are solid and fixed to the sides of the windows permanently via metal fittings. On the other hand, window blinds are flexible and fixed to the top of the window.

When to use window shutters?

In addition to providing privacy, window shutters also provide privacy better than many window treatments. You can also enjoy the benefits of indoor ventilation without worrying about people looking inside when the windows are wide open.

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