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Fabric that is used for drapes and shades to achieve complete room darkness. Lining also helps preserve fabric from fading and discoloring.
A cord system that is used for window treatments in which the cord is continuous and therefore always remains at the same length; allows for an easy operation.
Perfect for children’s room as you will not have any cords that may be hazardous tangling on the floor. Window treatments are manually adjusted to desired position.
A cord-locking mechanism that holds the blind / shade in desired position. Cord length depends on the length of the window, and whether the blind / shades are up or down.
A type of top treatment in which a wooden frame is upholstered with fabric. Cornice may have a straight or shaped bottom.
Fabric tapes that come in various colors to accent wood blinds, and 2” aluminum blinds.
Fabric that is laminated onto vinyl to achieve better light control and privacy.
Window treatments can be ordered with fabric that allows some light to come in yet maintain privacy.
Blinds and shades may be ordered with a valance that matches the color and texture of the vanes to achieve a finished look.
Used to cover blinds and or shade’s hardware.
A feature that allows the vanes to open and close with remote control.
Blind vanes that do not have holes, which prevents light spillage and results in less light that enters through the blinds.
Vertical window treatments and drapes open to either the right or the left side.
Fabric that is used for drapes and shades to maintain privacy and allow light to enter the room. Lining also helps preserve fabric from fading and discoloring.
A cord mechanism which maintains the same cord length while the shade is raised or lowered.
Window treatments can be ordered with opaque fabric to block out most of the light and therefore make the room darker.
Shades that are designed to fit angled and shapes windows such as arches, trapezoid, hexagons, and octagons.
An option that is generally available while ordering roller / solar shades, and allows you to control and filter outside light, therefore achieving greater darkness in the room.
Shades that can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. Skylight shades can be used to either filter the harmful UV rays while allowing light to enter the room, or to completely block out the light. Skylight shades may be ordered with motorization options.
Vertical window treatments and drapes open from the center and to both sides evenly.
A system that allows the shades to either open from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top.
A system that allows shades to open from the top to the bottom.
Cellular shades that are designed for sliding doors, French doors and wide windows. The shade opens and closes from side to side.

Our Testimonials

  • We had Stylist Windows come by and do the shades in our apartment and they were absolutely wonderful! He was extremely transparent and had amazing prices. Our windows are slightly crooked and he adjusted all the shades so that it wasn’t as noticeable. They also automated our living room and bedroom shades that they could be remote activated which was amazing. We will definitely be using them for all our window needs from here on out!

  • From start to finish, dealing with Liat and Golan was a pleasure! From my first phone call to completion of installation, Liat and Golan were professional, personable and made great recommendations to replace the broken shade in our bedroom! The new room darkening shades look great and operate quite easily, especially on the large window in the room. I would use them again in a heartbeat!


    Our Testimonials