Everything You Need to Know About Window Directions & Its Window Treatment Options

When you are looking for a house, the windows play a crucial role in allowing natural light inside while providing an aesthetic appeal. But, if you’re renovating, all the glasses can add cost and drive challenges toward window treatment options. Although there are numerous styling options available, you need to research practical choices related to the cost, insulation rate, frame material, and so on. We understand you are already overwhelmed with the entire decision-making process.

The direction of your house creates a huge impact on how and when the Sun hits the room. While choosing the window treatments, consider which window treatment to choose based on when and how the light hits that room’s windows.

Each window direction offers varied benefits when it comes to allowing light inside the room. In this blog, our best window treatment company in NYC shall help you navigate through the process of identifying the entire orientation.

What will be the impact of windows based on the house directions?

If you own a house with South facing entrance, it may cost you a hefty amount of utility bills in the summer. Direct sunlight from the south heats up the entire space. As a result, you’ve to invest in quality cooling appliances. However, it can also keep your home warm during the winter for obvious reasons.

Similarly, a north-facing home will keep the ambiance cool and comfortable in the summer but may add discomfort during the winter.

On the other hand, if you own a house that doesn’t point in any of the four directions, the sun will hit it from numerous angles. All the above scenarios can get resolved once you invest in high-quality window treatments for each window. These window treatment coverings add comfort, style, and elegance all year round.

What are the window treatment options for south-facing windows?

Owning a house with south-facing windows means you will have the access to a lot of natural light. This amount depends on whether there is any overhang, porch, landscape design, or trees to filter out excess sunlight.

Depending on how much natural light you wish to block out or let in, it is advisable to invest in high-quality roller shades, which come in varied opacity-level, colors, and fabrics. This type of window treatment allows homeowners to block out harmful UV rays that can also damage expensive furniture while fading the colors of rugs, antique décor pieces, and more.

At Stylish Windows, we help our clients to choose the right window treatment by considering the opacity and color preferences, which can allow them to get the outside view without causing any harm to the eyes.

If this sounds like you, a roller shade made out of solar shade materials is the right choice for your south-facing home.

Southern exposure makes the room cozy and warm in the winter. You can slide open the shades and enjoy the warmth of the sun during those chilly winter days. However, when the summer arrives, a lack of proper window treatment can create havoc on the house members, furniture, and decor. Thus, it is essential to hire the best window treatment company in NYC to determine which product will perfectly serve your southern-facing windows. Here are a few things you can do for:

Energy efficiency

Most energy-efficient window treatments use layers of fabric to improve insulation and control light inside the room while maintaining an optimum temperature throughout the summer and winter. Whether you prefer window shades, drapes, blinds, or shutters, Stylish Windows offer varied options when it comes to energy-efficient window treatment choices for a southern-facing window.

Window shades

Window shades are a great way to provide insulation and control light without blocking the scenic views, especially when paired with energy-efficiency floor-to-ceiling drapes. Woven wooden shades are the best options when paired with natural interior design themes. On the other hand, the Roman shades look great for spaces like dining rooms and lounge areas.

To prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your expensive furniture and décor, opt for solar shades in New York City that block UV rays and reduce glare without shutting down the natural light entirely.

UV film

The UV-resistant window films are great options if you prefer a clear view without damaging the décor-look. These films get attached to the window glasses, blocking 99% of UV rays and controlling the glare without compromising the view.

What are the window treatment options for North-facing windows?

Windows facing north receive natural light all day but don’t get direct sunlight on the windows. Therefore, light-colored décor and window treatments in rooms with north-facing windows help leverage this gentle beam of natural light. Some of the great window treatment coverings include:

Interior shutters

Interior shutters are the best options to take advantage of the indirect sunlight entering the north-facing windows. The louvers of these window coverings allow a little too much light, according to your preference. Additionally, its cordless design looks clean and uncluttered in kitchens, bathrooms, and office spaces. Add shutters in a natural wood finish to complement the sunlight.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains add gentle textures and patterns to your window spaces without restricting the sunlight. When combined with shades and blinds in NYC, these curtains create elegant, versatile, and highly-functional windows.

What are the window treatment options for East-facing windows?

An east-facing window will catch the early sunlight in the morning, and diffuse later in the day. Therefore, dark colors won’t serve the purpose theme. Instead, go with the sheer materials that bring the softness of the sun while you are having a good morning team on the bed. Some of the go-to-options include:

Room-darkening curtains

If your family is a light sleeper, add room-darkening curtains to their windows. The floor-to-ceiling panels with room-darkening liner will cover the entire window space, blocking out the morning rays.

Light control

At Stylish Windows, we offer great light-control window treatments for east-facing windows too. From top-down to bottom-up cellular shades, there are varied choices to adjust the position of your window shades throughout the day.

What are the window treatment options for west-facing windows?

The west-facing windows in the house will bring orange and red shades of the sun into your home in the afternoon and evening. Sunset amplifies warm tones and it may overwhelm your entire space.

To keep your home comfortable, make sure the windows are well-covered. Solar shades are the best choice for daytime privacy with light-control features. Some of the amazing window treatment options include:

Window blinds

Similar to south-facing windows, you don’t want to get disturbed throughout the afternoon or suffer the wrath of glare and heat. Window blinds can change their angle as the sun moves, diffusing the light without blocking it entirely.


Motorized window treatments help avoid continually moving the position of your window blinds. With sensors and timers installed in it, these window treatments are well-programmed to change on their own based on the sun’s position to offer the perfect amount of light with the help of a remote, switch, or sensor.


Regardless of your home décor and sunlight preference or window facing, Stylish Windows help you find the window treatments that perfectly serve your window needs. We’re happy to assist you with the best window treatment solutions at the most competitive prices.

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What are the three things to consider while choosing the window treatment?

  • Maximum energy efficiency to save big on utility bills
  • Window’s accessibility and height
  • The scenic view outside the windows

How to choose the right window blinds?

  • Style
  • Fabric and material
  • Light and privacy control
  • Safety of your family

What are the styling window blinds?

If you are looking for a window treatment to style up the windows, here are a few options:

  • Cordless blinds
  • Zebra shades
  • Roller/solar shades
  • Cellular shades
  • Smart blinds
  • Eco-friendly blinds