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The Top Pros And Cons Of Solar Shades in New York City

People in New York are done trying all the DIY hacks and tricks to keep the summer heat from blasting their windows. The poor air conditioner runs 24/7, and people feel helpless to minimize their electricity bills. Many homeowners install solar shades in New York City designed to preserve views while providing exceptional protection from harmful UV rays.

The solar shades are ideal for homes with sun-facing rooms. They work effectively to cut glare from television and computer screens. So, if you are planning to choose solar shades for your New York home, this blog is just what you needed.

In this blog, we’ll explore the options of solar shades, and the pros and cons of this window treatment in Manhattan. Let’s get started!

What are solar shades?

When we talk about motorized outdoor shades, often a woven polyester material comes to our mind. The reason is it acts as a barrier against UV radiation coming from the sunlight. The solar shades protect your home and indoor furnishings from glare. Also, it provides your family with privacy, while offering a beautiful view of the outdoors. However, there are many options to choose the best solar shades, but that depends on the daily needs of individuals. What is your priority when it comes to privacy? Would you prefer filtering incoming natural light? What about UV protection? How about privacy over glare reduction?

You get to decide the best according to your shortlisted preferences. Most importantly, their functionality depends on one crucial factor – the openness factor.

What do you mean by the openness factor?

The openness factor refers to the woven fabric on the shade and how tightly it is woven. The range may vary from 0-25%. It means that if a window shade has an openness factor of 0%, there will be no space inside the fabric weaves. Therefore, no light will pass through it. On the other hand, if your window shade’s openness factor is 5%, it means that 5% of the shade is open.

It may sound too much, but even a small percentage of the openness factor can allow you to see through and allow some light inside. Such window shades can reduce incoming UV rays and allow you to watch the scenic view outside your windows. This openness factor comes based on the user’s needs and how much they prefer incoming natural light inside their interior spaces.

The Pros of solar shades

After discussing the openness factor of solar shades, let us now understand the pros and cons of using solar shades at home. This type of window treatment offers significant benefits, which include:

Prevent heat in the summer:

With solar shades installed in your home, you can easily avoid extreme incoming heat and glare from the sun. These shades help reduce heat inside and prevent bright light from damaging your interiors. As a result, the indoor environment always remains cool, cozy, and comfortable.

Available in a wide variety of designs:

There are varied ranges of styles, colors, designs, and patterns to choose from if you are looking for something to go with the home interiors. The right solar shade will uplift the entire look and feel of your living space.

Prevents UV rays:

Solar shades are well-known for blocking harsh sunlight and UV rays from entering the house. Diseases like melanoma, skin cancer, and others can result from high exposure to solar radiation and can also prevent up to great extent.

Protects furniture and other equipment:

Expensive furniture, flooring, and carpets, when exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme heat can disrupt their quality and luster. Your luxurious indoor furnishings can fade away and lose their elegance. To reduce the effects, it is advisable to install solar shades as they are beneficial in glare reduction, protection against UV radiation, and preventing fading. These shades also increase the lifespan of your interior décor and furnishings.

Provide a clear view of the outside world:

Solar fabric-based shadings allow people to have a view of the scenic outdoors. The view provides ranges from the percentage of openness that you get to choose. The higher the percentage the more sunlight gets in.

Anti-glare properties:

It doesn’t matter where you buy a house in New York, the solar shades can do wonders in terms of bringing you comfort and convenience. It helps reduce incoming glare from the sun and offers respite to the eyes, which often get irritated due to the glare. Not to forget to mention the discomfort to your vision. With an incoming glare, it becomes a huge challenge to use technological devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more. Also, some pleasurable things like watching TV can become uncomfortable and painful on lazy weekends. Installing the right solar shades can help you experience the best pleasurable atmosphere inside the house.

Save energy:

With solar shades, you have a reduced requirement for air conditioners and units. The biggest reason is that these shadings reduce the incoming heat and sun glare. As a result, there is less of a need for air cooling equipment. The overall indoor temperature always stays maintained, is eco-friendly, and helps save energy to a great extent.

The cons of solar shades

Solar shades may be effective in filtering out harmful UV rays, but these window treatments don’t have the properties of a blackout shade. You may expect privacy during the daytime, but when the lights are on, people can see through the interiors of your home.


We believe all your doubts regarding the solar shades have been covered in this blog. If you are planning to buy new solar shades, motorized shades, and window blinds in New York City, Stylish Window – the best window treatment company in NYC can help.

Browse through our wide product range or connect with our professionals who can assist you according to your individual preferences, budget, and window requirements.


What is the lifespan of solar shades?
Solar shades, when installed by professionals, should last for at least 8-10 years.

What color solar shades suit the best?
Choose dark colors as they absorb more natural light and reduce glare. Also, dark color solar shades offer a better view and are best when used effectively.

What are solar shades made of?
Solar shades are made of coated material, finely and tightly woven to provide natural light and heat coverage. These materials are often made from vinyl, but you always have other options to explore the best.

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