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List Of Top Window Treatments Suitable For All Types Of Windows

List Of Top Window Treatments Suitable For All Types Of Windows

Window blinds in NYC are available in numerous designs and offer different functionalities with various control schemes. A conventional window blind is often designed using long, horizontal, and vertical slats of hard material, including wood, plastic, and metal to keep the cords passing through the blind slats.

This comprehensive guide will help you make the right decision while buying a new window blind. Let’s discover the trendiest and most cutting-edge blinds, along with other alternatives and how to purchase the right one.

What are the various types of blinds?

Window blinds are highly effective for every home. It protects your interior from harmful rays of the sun, prevents the prying eyes of neighbors, and maintains an optimum temperature inside the home throughout the year. Thus, it also saves a heavy amount on utility bills.

Some of the most popular window blinds include:

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

It is the most common window blind with horizontal slats fastened together with tapes and strings. The bottom slat of a Venetian blind presses into the slat above it as you raise it. These drapes are specifically tailored for every window with enameled-finish stove paint. It adds extreme durability and makes the blinds appear without showing signs of wear and tear for many years. The slats of aluminum Venetian blinds can get painted in almost every color and finish (matt, metallic, and more).

Micro and mini blinds

Venetian blinds are available in two varieties – tiny blinds and micro blinds. The same principles apply to mini blinds, which have only an inch-long slat. On the other hand, micro blinds have half-inched long slats. These alternatives are highly effective for small windows in bathrooms and kitchens that call for a scaled-down solution.

Panel Blinds

A vertically hanging blind is made of broad strips of thin fabric, which features four broader portions as opposed to numerous thin slats and vertical blinds tiny slats. Similarly, the large glass doors can leverage the benefits of panel blinds. If you own a sliding backdoor, these blinds are ideal choices.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are one of the most traditional kinds of internal window coverings. Therefore, sometimes it is referred to as “timber slatted blinds” or “horizontal slat blinds.” when glasses were prohibitively expensive, wooden blinds were the preferred choice of the common exterior timber shutters.

Wooden blinds are also ideal for any home décor theme like the modern, minimalist, neutral, country cottage, and shabby chic. However, it is advisable to put off the latter because it always offers a stylish appeal to the entire space. Most importantly, Stylish Windows offer these blinds and shades in Manhattan as a highly durable, practical, and budget-friendly option. After all, it complements almost all the rooms and design styles, which are timeless for their versatility.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are made of lovely cloth, and their bottom bar acts as a weight to ensure that the blind hangs straight when extended. It can get dropped and raised using a spring operation or side control, and roll up or down around its central tube. The fabric of these roller blinds may have a simpler or elegant scalloped or braided design from the bottom.

Roller blinds are a perfect fit for any type of window. So, if you are struggling to choose the right window treatment for your new property, roller blinds are your go-to solution. Also, it is the most adaptable and preferred option.

Roman blinds

These blinds are a classy and opulent form of window blinds and shades in Manhattan. The material used to make them often folds back up into even horizontal pleats or folds when get closed, forming flat panels when dropped into the window. Some unseen cords that run up the rear of the blind help operate it.

If you own a room where you spend more time and arrange with care, roman blinds are effective for your home. The living room, various day rooms, and possibly the bedrooms are ideal for such blinds.

Vertical blind.

The vertical blinds are vertical sets that set them apart from other types of blinds mentioned above. The slats of vertical blinds are made of stiffened fabric, and its stiffening agent is typically used to ensure that the louvers get hung perfectly. The other significant difference between vertical and other types of blinds is that vertical blinds open and close side to side like curtains. Instead of functioning up and down, the slats or louvers hang vertically rather than horizontally. Suspended from an unyielding aluminum headrail and offering a range of motion, the vertical blinds include tilted slats partially open at an angle with fine precision. Another factor that makes them an ideal choice in offices too is the latter point.


Stylish Windows – the best window treatment company in NYC offer a wide range of window treatment products to fit into all-size windows. If you are looking for expert guidance on window treatments, blinds, shutters, shades, and motorized window solutions, we are here to help.

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Which blinds are popular?

Roller blinds are very popular for all types of window shapes and sizes.

Which type of window blinds is best?

Wood blinds are very popular due to their warm appearance. However, it can become difficult to maintain in rooms that gather a lot of moisture, like bathrooms, or humid climates. Although they work with all-size windows, they’re famous for large windows, as wood slats weigh less than their faux-wood options.

How to choose the best blinds for windows?

  • Humidity levels – choose blinds that can stand up to moisture, like faux woods and metals
  • Check for the insulation needs that can vary in suitability depending on the space requirements
  • Size of the window
  • The amount of natural light required

What type of blinds is easy to clean?

  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Honeycomb and cellular shades
  • Aluminum Venetian and faux wood blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Real wood Venetian blinds
  • Skylight blinds

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