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Here’s Your Guide To Window Treatment Costs

If you want to add a “wow” factor to your home interior décor, try investing in quality window treatments. It has the power to transform any ordinary window into an aesthetically pleasing feature of your home. However, we understand the challenge every buyer faces while heading to a window treatment install center. How to buy quality window treatment products on a budget? What will be the window treatment costs of buying and installing it at home? Do they provide after-treatment? All these queries will get addressed in the blog. So, let’s get started!

Quick facts:

  • There are varied types of custom window treatments, namely, blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, and drapes  
  • It may cost an average of $700-800 to install custom window treatments, ranging from $50 to $3,500.
  • Blinds and shutters are least expensive than other custom window treatments

The hidden expense of installing window treatments that no one talks about!

It is advisable to create a budget before buying a new window treatment product. There are various challenges you can skip by planning beforehand. For instance, valid pricing information on curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades. Also, there are many different factors that decide the final cost of the service including window size, installation method, materials used, quality, and customization preferences. Fortunately, we have curated a list of these hidden costs and an escape route to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Window size always matters

The biggest reason why window treatment costs differ for every individual is the size of their windows. A café curtain of 24 x 24 inches will cost less than a curtain made of the same material but for 72 x 80 inches sliding glass door.

The increase in price is not only related to the cost of the window treatments but also the hardware. Larger windows often require sturdier materials for long-lasting support. For instance, if you are using a curtain rod to support draperies on windows over 72 inches, you will need an additional support bracket for every 36 inches.

The installation cost

Installing most of the window treatment coverings is comparatively a simple process. Many professionals may complete the entire installation within 30-40 minutes. On average, the cost of installing a window covering by a professional window treatment company in Manhattan may cost around $35 to $100 per hour. However, this price may vary from $17.50 to $50 per window.

Always remember that most professionals will have a minimum fee per visit, so expect to pay at least $50 for each 1-2 windows. Since the installation process is very simple, many homeowners prefer DIY. However, it is always advisable to ask an expert to avoid any hazardous risks later. Also, the most time-consuming window coverings are the vertical blinds, panel blinds, and traverse rods for draperies, which are heavy and require additional tools to install.

Specialty techniques are required to install such window treatments with arches, corner windows, angle-top windows, bay windows, or windows with border tiles, so leave these challenges for the pros. Considering the fact that these window coverings are time-consuming, the installation will also be more expensive – often double the cost of a standard installation due to increased risk and time commitment.

Materials and hardware

Window treatments are made of varied materials. Curtains, drapes, and shades are typically made of different fabrics including polyester, acrylic, cotton, vinyl, woven wood, linen, rayon, silk, wool, velvet, brocade, and more. Naturally, a different material may cost differently. For instance, cotton costs $5 to $20 per yard, whereas, silk can vary from $7 to $60 per yard.

Blinds are very common and made of hard materials like PVC, vinyl, aluminum, faux wood, and real wood. But they can also get designed using thick fabrics like cotton. However, real wood and cotton window treatment coverings are heavy in the price range.

Specialized hardware also adds a premium cost. For instance, drapery installed using a dramatic sconce can cost more than curtains installed on a low-priced tension rod. Similarly, if you choose to install motorized shades in New York City, they may add a premium price, mostly twice the price or more of manually installed window treatments.

Motorized treatments are ideal for large windows, hard-to-reach windows, and for homeowners who have mobility issues and cannot open window coverings manually.

Quality is crucial

Never compromise with quality over price. If you want to change window treatments regularly to keep up with the recent trends, then low-quality materials aren’t any problem. But, for long-time considerations, choose a material that can hold up well for years to come. For window shades, choose woven wood, which is particularly sturdy. For curtains and draperies, all linen or linen blended with rayon is perfectly durable. Also, when it comes to blinds, faux wood holds up better than vinyl and aluminum and prevents moisture or humidity, unlike real wood.

The shelf Vs custom made

It shouldn’t surprise you that custom-made products will cost more than those bought off the shelf. This expense may not be worth it for average homeowners, but if you are planning to add some uniqueness, you will get varied options in fabric, color, exact specification, and pattern at a competitive price.


There are numerous factors that decide the cost of a quality window treatment. If you are planning to buy a new window treatment covering, visit Stylish Window – the best window treatment company in New York for a wide range of products and installation services. We ensure quality over competitive prices to help customers find their ideal window treatment according to their ideal specifications.

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How much does window treatment cost?

According to experts, the average cost for new window treatments may vary from $463 to $500, with a typical range between $106 to $828. Curtains and drapes are easiest to install and are available in a varied range.

What are the three basic categories of window treatment?

Window treatments are divided into three categories – hard window treatments made of wood and vinyl, soft window treatments made of sheer and drapes, and roman shades from flat to hobbled styles.

How long should window treatments last?

The average lifespan of window treatments may vary from 7-9 years. But homeowners can extend their lifespan with effective maintenance and precautionary measures.

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