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Guide to Choosing Right Window Treatments for Cape Cod Styled Homes

When we hear the words “Cape Cod,” the first impression that comes to our mind is shorelines with lighthouses. Especially if you know someone who owns such homes at those locations. However, Cape Cods are best known for their simplicity and rich history. However, the major challenge in such homes is to make them look stylish and modern.

Don’t worry. We are here to make it happen. At Stylish Windows, we help clients find the perfect window treatments for their Cape Code homes that are modern, elegant, and within the Cape Code styling guidelines.

What is a Cape Code-style home?

As the name suggests, Cape Cod-style homes first originated in Massachusetts. Although the style is nearly centuries old, it has undergone a very slow change in its time. Some of the unique facets of Cape Cod homes include:

Symmetry and simplicity

The majority of Cape Cod homes are almost symmetrical, which means that the center has a mirror image of the other. Also, you’ll see two front doors, equally spaced. The exteriors of Cape Cod homes are also typically free of any ornamentation and are relatively simple compared to other home stylings. It gives a simple, almost geometric aesthetics to the home with loads of charm and appeal.

Why do you need window treatments for your Cape Cod home?

Window treatments play an integral part to keep your home cozy and welcoming while integrating it with the traditional Cape Code aesthetics. From adding light control to privacy, one thing that every homeowner must consider right at the beginning is the design style of these homes.

Are you thinking of moving into a new Cape Cod home or want to replace old window treatments in a different one, this blog is just what you needed. We understand choosing the right window treatment for different rooms can be overwhelming, which makes it tough to pick treatments that complement your design and styling taste. Therefore, we extend support to all our clients in choosing the best window coverings that are rewarding.

What are the Window treatment options for a Cape Code home?

There are varied options available for window treatments for Cape Cod homes. From window curtains in NYC and blinds to shutters and shades, depending on your preferences, you can consider these styles for your home’s windows.

Cape Cod home styles come in three variants – single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows. So, let’s find out some of the window treatment options that work best on these windows:


Shutters enhance the entire look and feel of your living room space. It adds some character to your living room and complements the styling and color you’re already using in your interior. Given the large windows in Cape Cod homes, it’s necessary to control the amount of sunlight entering the rooms and reduce the heat or cold during various seasons. Shutters work perfectly for such requirements, thanks to their insulating properties.

For living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms, window shutters also help protect your furniture from getting into direct contact with sunlight while adding privacy. Additionally, they are naturally cordless, making them child-safe and pet-safe too.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains come in various styles and colors, making it easier for homeowners to choose one that gives their living room a trending style from floor to ceiling. Also, you can uplift your kitchen space and give it a feel of a stylish café.

Sheers provide a very small level of privacy while allowing light in during the day. You can also layer them with lined drapes to block out light and ensure complete privacy. Layering the curtains add elegance to the room, as it adds colors that blend nicely and complements your interior décor.


Custom drapes are the most-sought window treatment option for people looking for ways to give their room a formal and luxurious look as it offers a nice lining and opaque fabric over sheer curtains. Adding the linings blocks the light, protects the drapery fabric from fading, and ensures complete privacy. Also, the drapery styling comes in varied options like traditional, modern, and transitional looks.


Shades come in different patterns and colors that complement your interior décor. Also, it helps with filtering the ling and improves privacy. It comes in a range of styles including the clean-lined modern roller shade, insulating cellular shade, the softness of Roman shade, the texture of bamboo shade, and the UV-blocking view provided by the electric shades in NYC. The options are limitless!

Above all, you can add some convenience to your life by motorizing these shades for windows that are hard to reach and integrating them with the smart home system that helps control these shades remotely.


Determining which window treatment is the right choice for your Cape Code home can get tricky, but with Stylish Windows, you can make the right choice. Our window treatment experts provide helpful insights like what type of window treatments will perfectly fit your Cape Cod vacation home.

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What are the windows on a Cape Cod home is called?

Quintessential windows – Famously known as cottage-style windows, these windows are the modern interpretations of the Cape Code windows. Such homes can also use casement windows that have a grille pattern that mimics the double-hung windows.

Which is the most popular window treatment today?

Cordless roller shades are the most popular window treatment styles this year. They are easy to operate and easy to clean. Plus, it offers a minimal look that many people prefer over other bright and vibrant options.

What are the characteristics of a Cape Cod-style home?

Cape Code style homes are traditionally single-story homes with a low and broad rectangular profile. It has a central chimney, and a pitched side-gabled roof.

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