Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Window Treatments

Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Window Treatments

Are you struggling with discomfort caused by the chilled winter breeze from your drifty bathroom windows? Are you done with paying a large sum of money to the heating company every winter? Probably it’s time to give bathroom window treatments a thought. Covering the bathroom windows is one of the most significant acts every homeowner should take seriously. Often left ignored, the bathroom windows left wide-opened can make your entire house cold and uncomfortable.

People living in a cold climate must consider further measures when it comes to selecting the best window treatment company in NYC that help keep the warm air inside, saving a lot on utility bills. The right window treatments help homeowners control the temperature inside the premises while saving natural resources and the environment.

Another crucial aspect of bathroom window treatments is that even though it is cold and wintry outside, they keep the inside atmosphere warm and calm. It doesn’t mean these window treatments will become useless when the snow stops melting and spring arrives at your doorstep. These custom-designed window treatments keep the frigid air out and also block the blazing heat in the summers.

In this blog, we shall consider three steps as a guideline to help you save warmth and money from leaking out of your windows. Also, we will discuss how to maintain a perfect temperature throughout the year without burning a hole in the pocket.

Why bathroom window treatments are important?

If you are one of those homeowners unaware of the benefits of installing bathroom window treatments, it’s high time to consider one. Some of the amazing benefits include:

  • Privacy: The bedroom is one such place in your home where you can’t afford to compromise over privacy. But bathrooms are equally important to protect your loved ones from prying eyes.
  • Cost-effective: As mentioned earlier, the bathroom window treatments prevent extreme hot or cold air to enter the room. Thus, it helps maintain a constant room temperature irrespective of the weather outside. As a result, you can save a lot on utility bills, heating, and cooling appliances.
  • Visual appearance: The right window treatment instantly uplifts the entire look and feel of the space. Whether your bathroom is a small, confined space or a luxurious sauna setup, the right window treatment will set the right mood and serve an elegant purpose too.
  • Varied options: At Stylish Window, you can find a wide array of bathroom window treatments that range from affordable to ultra-luxurious. We ensure our customers find the right fit for their windows that perfectly blends with their interior designs and statement pieces.

How to choose the right bathroom window treatments?

Deciding on the window treatments for your bathroom can be an overwhelming task. First, there are a few things every homeowner must consider. For instance, the bathroom space is more likely to cause humid inside. Therefore, its location matters the most when selecting the window treatments.

If the windows are near the tub or shower, waterproof blinds or durable motorized shades in New York are an excellent choice to resist moisture. On the other hand, if the bathroom is on the bottom floor where neighbors can see through, choose a window treatment that offers the right amount of durability, light control, privacy, and style.

From choosing fabric and materials to colors, our window treatment experts help you with expert measurement and installation to create a perfect window treatment for your home. Some of the amazing bathroom window treatments include:

Roman shades for a soft touch

Roman shades designed with luxurious fabric folds can soften the entire look of ceramic and porcelain installed in your bathroom. Also, if your bathroom has a lot of whites and neutral colors, add a splash of a different color to it. Our modern roman shades are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and fabrics.

Woven wood shades for a soothing ambiance

Handwoven and extracted from natural fibers like bamboo, grasses, reeds, and jute, woven wood shades add an elegant ambiance to the bathrooms as you soak yourself and relax after a hectic day at work. However, make sure you choose a room-darkening liner that operates independently for a front-facing fabric. The liner increases the light control while contrasting with the natural materials of the window shade to amplify the texture.

Faux wood shutters for durable opulence

The rich, classic look of wooden shutters acts like custom cabinetry for bathroom windows. However, in the bathroom, faux wood shutters stand up to extreme heat and moisture, making it an ideal choice for the space. At Stylish Window, we offer UV-resistant polysatin compound that prevents window treatments from wrapping, cracking, fading, chipping, peeling, and discoloring over time. Also, the products are resistant to high humidity, which is crucial for bathroom windows located near the shower.

Unusual-shaped windows add drama and elegance to the bathrooms, and Stylish Window shutters help cover windows of any shape and size including arches, angles, and hexagons. If you want to bring in more natural light, always install them on the lower part of your bathroom window.

How to choose the perfect bathroom window treatments?

Window shades, blinds, and shutters are great choices for bathroom window treatments. However, while narrowing down your options, think about your privacy needs, window location, and bathroom shades that are durable enough to withstand high heat and humidity.

If you are looking for windows that perfectly suit your bathroom space, we are here. Get in touch with our experts today.


What to put on bathroom windows?

Faux wood blinds, shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, and vinyl shades are excellent options for bathroom windows.

Can I install curtains in the bathroom?

If you are looking for complete coverage, consider installing blackout blinds as an ideal choice. However, make sure that when closed, no natural light filters out of these curtains.

What to install on my bathroom window for privacy?

  • Frosted window tinting
  • Roman shades
  • Wooden shutters
  • Bathroom window curtains
  • Privacy film
  • Sheer curtains
  • Double-side mirror window film