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Your Ultimate Guide To Installing Custom Roman Shades

Your Ultimate Guide To Installing Custom Roman Shades

An ideal window shade adds a finishing touch to your home design interior while bringing incredible benefits to your home and lifestyle. But, imagine a marriage of gorgeous fabric and modern innovation! You get a complete package of elegance. Custom Roman shades give you all of it. The best thing about these shades is that you get to design a look that everyone will fall in love with.

With the right guidance from a professional designer, the entire installation part becomes simple and fun. In this blog, we shall discuss the amazing ways to design your custom Roman shades with perfection.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

How to design a custom Roman shade?

If you are looking for a finishing touch on the look of your windows, and to upgrade your lifestyle with soothing benefits, window treatments in Manhattan are the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on. Apart from sun protection and security, these window treatments add value to your living. Pairing exquisite fabrics with modern innovation, our custom Roman shades offer tremendous benefits. With the assistance of experts like us, in just a few steps, you’ll install these shades to bring together your space.

Let’s look at the four easy steps to bring daylighting, privacy, convenience, and energy savings to your window treatment solutions:

Choose a custom fabric

The first thing to consider while creating your custom Roman shades is to choose the right fabric. At Stylish Windows, we offer a wide range of collections, ranging from warm and soft textures to sheer linens. Also, don’t underestimate the power of colors. It brings your inner personality into the limelight through the designs. From neutral to bold, our experts have it all to meet your standard and taste in materialistic things.

Decide a styling pattern

Custom Roman shades are often considered a stacking shade, but, with modern innovations in line, homeowners can choose the style of their window treatment solutions. If you are more into stacking styles, we do it all with passion and professionalism.

Our custom Roman shades are made of fabrics with gather, which means as you open the shades, they will create a dimensional design. Also, if you have a unique style in mind, our Stylish Window shades offer Romans that roll. All you need to do is bring your ideas and expectations to the table.

Choose a personalized feature

Custom Roman shades offer varied features, which makes it easy to not just design the style, but also uplift the entire ambiance and vibe of the home. For instance, if you want natural light in a room with uncompromised privacy, stacking shades is your go-to solution. It can adjust the coverings from the top down for easy functionality.

On the other hand, if you are having a hard time deciding between light filtering fabrics and room darkening options, the dual shade function of our modern Roman shades gives you both! These shades add a secondary shade to help homeowners have the best of both worlds.

Decide the functionality

Where are you installing these custom Roman shades? Choose the space before browsing your options. Do you have children and pets? Is there any physically-challenged member in the family? Roman shades can serve every need.

It is available in cordless and cord-safe designs with sculpted folds for elegance and robust fabric to withstand the tiny grip of toddlers. For added functionality, you can choose these shades with motorization features. It means the smart custom Roman shades will now be accessible at the touch of a button, application, or remote switch. Users can also integrate it with their smart home system to create a schedule that blends with their daily life routine.

How to install a motorized custom Roman shade?

Initial consultation

Similar to most technological services, motorized custom Roman shades are custom-made. The first step toward installing these window treatments is a one-on-one meeting with the window treatment company to help them understand your preferences, ideas, and needs. At Stylish Windows, we help choose the model for each window and suggest which shades work best for your rooms. Some of the world-class window treatments include Venetian blinds, roller shades, and even sheer drapes in Manhattan. While choosing the type of window treatment, you should also consider the fabric, and pick a color, and style that blends with your unique style and function.

Now, it’s time to get some technical aspects of the installation process. Are you looking for shades and blinds? battery-powered or hard-wired? We will discuss every single aspect of the motorized window treatment installation, and suggest a wide range of elegant wall keypads, remote controls, sleek touchpads, and mobile apps.

Hardware installation

Once we are done with the planning and preferences of your motorized blinds in NYC, we can get started. Our window treatment specialists will create the basic framework for the installation, which includes adding the necessary mounting brackets and cutting shade tubes to the right size. It is at this time that we also add a cabling foundation for a hard-wired solution.

Shade preparation

While our experts work on the installation part of the windows, our other officials will take note of your personalization preferences. From cutting and sewing to designing each model according to the tube measurements, we prepare everything beforehand for a hassle-free setup. If required, we will also take care of the color matching to ensure shades match your home décor and interiors. This process may take around 4-6 weeks.

Shade installation

Once the shades get ready, we’ll revisit your house and install them to the appropriate tracks and tubes for effective handling. Since the challenging part is almost done, the installation will now become relatively quick and not invasive.

With the second half of the installation getting completed, it’s time to finalize your control programming and test it. We ensure you can manage each model individually or simultaneously from the control devices to choose from during the initial consultation. Our experts will assist you with the work operation.


Are you looking for a custom Roman shade that serves your unique preferences and comes out as a masterpiece? We are here to help. At Stylish Window, our experts understand your expectations and ensure they suggest the best options for your home interior.

Browse through our product range or schedule an appointment with our window treatment specialists.

We will be happy to assist.


Are motorized window shades worth it?

It is the best investment if you want to uplift comfort level and home efficiency. For tall windows and hard-to-reach areas, these motorized window shades can easily get opened up or closed with a mere touch of the remote screen.

What types of window blinds are in trend?

  • Cordless blinds
  • Zebra blinds
  • Roller and solar shades
  • Cellular shades
  • Smart blinds
  • Eco-friendly blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Blackout blinds

Are motorized blinds and shades reliable?

Yes. There’s no harsh tugging, no strings attached, and no straightening slates to offer great reliability in homes with children and pets. Depending on the usage and maintenance, the average window treatment may last 3-10 years.

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