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Top Window Covering Solutions That Add Privacy To Your Home

Window covering are meant to offer privacy without blocking the light from entering your home. From lightweight, sheer fabrics to pleated shades, mini blinds, and window films, a quality window film offers privacy while still allowing some natural light inside. Window treatment and coverings create privacy and are an attractive way to decorate your home interiors.

So, as you equip your home and office with smart gadgets and trending interior decors, don’t ignore the power of reliability. A basic window covering or treatment can offer a wide range of benefits to your entire space. You may also be looking for enhanced security, regulated temperature, and privacy from neighbors or people passing by seeing the inside of your home.

In this blog, we shall discuss how to use the best window treatment company in NYC without blocking natural light. Let’s begin without any further delay.

How to cover a window without losing the natural light?

People who love performing their daily chores under natural light may get hesitant to cover their windows using a window treatment. Natural sunlight is crucial for areas like office buildings because more than half of the employee population report feeling drowsy and gloomy with no fresh, and natural source of light. Choosing the right window treatment for your living space is mandatory unless you want privacy at the cost of productivity.

Natural light is also important for the home, but many homeowners are concerned about direct sunlight and its aftermaths like fading furniture, lack of privacy, and unstable temperature inside the house. Thankfully, heavy blackout curtains, shades, blinds, and draperies filter the harsh light and UV rays while adding the right amount of privacy required. People in search of varied options in window treatments can now explore products that can fully get customized and adjustable as per the owner’s needs.

What are your options in window treatment solutions without compromising natural light?

So, you don’t want to sacrifice privacy over natural light? Do not worry. At Stylish Window, we design window treatments that can filter light into your home while obscuring visibility from the outside. Now, let’s take a step-by-step tour through the process of determining which window treatment is ideal for privacy and light control.

Sheer Shades

Lightweight and flexible sheer shades are perfect for owners looking for the best of both worlds. The sheer fabric is incredibly versatile, which allows the owner to easily adjust the filtration of the room’s natural lighting. Its shades offer a sheer layer to filter light with adjustable louvers to add more privacy and light control. They are also available in different colors to help homeowners seamlessly incorporate the new window coverings into their desired room. Its hues and opacity level can also create a huge impact on the degree of temperature entering the room. Exploring all the options in these sheer shades can give you an idea about how to create the perfect ambiance inside the home.

Interior wooden shutters

As the name suggests, the wooden shutters are an excellent choice for those who want to shut out the light. However, these window treatments are designed in a louvered style to allow users to easily tilt it and allow the ideal amount of sunlight in the room. The classic wooden design adds elegance to the entire space, and the natural wood’s ability to be custom stained means it can perfectly match your existing home décor. Also, the wooden shutters can get custom-designed to fit any opening, from round windows to French doors, and more.

Drapery panels

There are some areas in the house that requires full coverage. For instance, bedroom windows with poor window treatment can wake you up with the sun beaming on your face. Similarly, bathroom windows necessitate maximum privacy for obvious reasons. Fortunately, there are many options that offer total protection from the outside world allowing complete privacy, while benefiting from the presence of filtered light and occasional views.

Motorized shutters

Motorized shutters are the best solution for classic window treatment for over-brightened spaces. Its shutter panels adjust quickly to block out excess sunlight. They can get customized to fit smaller, high openings, and turn them into perfect finishing touch. These shutters work best for TV rooms or gaming rooms where you enjoy your personal time getting uninterrupted with harsh sunlight. If you are looking for an additional touch of modernization, you can opt for motorization. The motorized shades in New York can get opened or closed at the push of a button, allowing you instant access to the lighting environment required. Also, you can program your coverage to automatically adjust based on the time of the day. It helps manage the amount of light you want inside the house. It helps you to save on electricity by utilizing natural light solutions and establishing smart home automation.

What are the points to remember while buying a window covering?

As mentioned earlier, office spaces are often sunlight-deprived. To ensure the space looks more positive and productive, choose window treatments with lighter coverage. Some of the other factors to consider before buying window treatments include:

  • The direction of your window – If your window is east facing, it will encounter harsh rays of morning sunlight
  • Check out the current setup of your space to choose a window covering that adds more elegance to the room.
  • Whether your home should be child-proof, or pet-proof to eliminate any risk of choking hazards with cordless control.


So far, we have discussed the top window treatment products to consider if you are looking for minimal interference from natural light. To know more about such products, custom solutions, and solar shades in New York City get in touch with our experts and they shall guide you with the right product at affordable prices.

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How to cover a window and still allow light in?

Window covering ideas that allow comfort level of lighting includes:

  • Sheer curtains
  • Mini blinds
  • Pleated window shades
  • Shade screens
  • Decorative window film

How to dress up windows without losing light?

Check out these options to adorn your window and satisfy its aesthetics:

  • Blinds
  • Frosted glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Lace
  • Plants
  • Privacy screens
  • Roman shades
  • Stained glass

How to prevent light from entering through the top of my curtains?

You can choose one of the following tricks to prevent light from entering via the curtains:

  • Install blinds that block the light
  • Install a wrap around curtain rods
  • Apply tape to the window where there are gaps
  • Cover gaps on a window with foil
  • Add a top valence
  • Install curtains broader and longer than the windows

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