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Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

Top 6 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

If your home comes into direct contact with the sun, chances are you will have to face the wrath of heat throughout the day. Also, constant heat during the day will make the nights worse. Keeping your home cool in the summer is one of the top priorities of every homeowner living in New York City. After all, maintaining the temperature inside the house means a high comfort level and low electricity bills. One of the most preferred solutions is to install window treatments in the house. In this blog, we shall discuss the window treatments in Manhattan, best suited for homes to block summer heat.

So, let’s get started!

What are the best ways to keep the heat out in summer?

Sunlight bursting through the windows in the morning is a sight everyone beholds. It inspires you with new hope and a glorious day of summer. However, the sunlight that enters through the windows transforms into heat, which can make your home feel like a furnace.

Energy-efficient window treatments like heat-blocking curtains and blinds are excellent means to eliminate the summer heat by blocking the sunlight. It provides insulation and reduces your dependency on air conditioning and cooling appliances. Some of the great examples of heat-blocking window treatments are discussed below:

Plantation shutters

Shutters are one of the most classic window coverings and most-sought options for people residing in hot regions. Made of thick wood, wood composites, or vinyl, plantation shutters effectively insulate your home from the heat and cold temperature. These shutters will feature slats that can open and close to allow the natural light inside the room. Keeping them closed throughout the day will insulate the room from the sunlight and heat during summer. Plantation shutters can also get opened or closed like doors for additional insulation versatility.

Honeycomb shades

Popularly known as cellular shades, honeycomb shades are highly efficient window coverings when it comes to energy-saving features. This shade style offers cell-like pockets that trap warm air entering via windows and prevent it from penetrating the rooms. It keeps the ambient temperature down without the help of any cooling appliances. The amount of insulation provided by these solar shades in New York City greatly depends on both the pleat size and whether it is single, double, or triple celled.

Honeycomb shades are not just energy efficient but also versatile and highly attractive for home interiors. These window treatments are available in many colors to match any shade, tone, or mood of the rooms. Additionally, they come in corded and cordless versions. Therefore, you can choose between a traditional and modern texture of the window coverings.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are highly cost-effective and energy-efficient that works well with any home interior, window shape, and size. These blinds come in varied forms, materials, and colors to make them the right fit for all types of windows. They are made to resist heat and humidity around the windows and will stay in good condition for years when installed by a professional. Also, the louvers can get used in varied positions. For instance, they can get raised or lowered as needed to block the sunlight.


Drapes may not be the first choice of many homeowners when they think about heat-blocking window covering solutions. However, they are a wise choice for homeowners who wish to preserve the elegant style of their home interiors. The way drapes get installed around the window frame, offers complete window coverage and insulation.

It is advisable to check out different fabrics while selecting your drapes because some materials will be more insulating than others. If required, consider adding a thermal lining at the back of the fabric for added energy-saving feature.

Roman shades

Roman shades are the combination of classical and modern aspects of design to create an ideal solution for rooms that need an additional layer of darkening. It offers excellent light control features and insulates the rooms of your home. These shades at Stylish Windows can easily get motorized. Thus, allowing you to open and close hard-to-reach windows at the convenience of your remote, button, or app.

Layered window coverings

Layering with multiple window treatments is an excellent way to reduce heat. For instance, adding drapes to the window with shades or blinds will combine its insulating effects. You can choose between a variety of colors – from textured solids to custom patterns, we can offer any type of custom window covering that compliments your drape design and overall home décor. Additionally, layering offers enhanced heat control while improving the beauty of your house.


Getting the right window covering for your home that can beat the summer heat is now easier than ever. At Stylish Windows, we offer a variety of window treatments that reduce summer heat. Also, we can customize each window covering to match your window design, style, and budget.

Look no further than our best window treatment company for quality blinds and shades in Manhattan. Browse through our products or call us for our expert assistance. We are just one call away!


Do window coverings really keep the heat out?

When tightly weaved, the window covering fabrics work best to reduce heat in the summer. For added benefit, choose a fabric that has lining. Also, dark-colored drapes trap more heat inside, while light-shaded drapes reflect more light. Choose light-colored drapes with a lining for best results.

Are curtains better than blinds to keep the heat out?

Curtains offer enhanced insulation and soundproofing. On the other hand, the blinds beat curtains in the energy efficiency parameter. It is because the blinds leak more heat from the rooms. Thus, it minimizes indoor heat gain efficiently in the summer, but around 45%, which can lower your utility bills to great extent.

How to cover windows to keep the room cool?

Shutters are the most expensive option when it comes to installing quality window treatments. However, they have a long-lasting impact when it comes to maintaining an optimum temperature inside the room. These shutters can get customized to your preferred look and style. Thus, it increases the value of your home.

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