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Tips To Choose the Right Window Treatment for Bedroom

Tips To Choose the Right Window Treatment for Bedroom

Bedrooms should be the place primed for relaxation and sleep, but with anxiety during unusual times when we get isolated in our homes with some distressing news, sleep becomes a rare treat. If a bedroom is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, our body rebels and we lose our potential to handle daily obstacles. Melatonin, a sleep hormone, needs to get activated each night to help us get some sleep. The human body relies on the reduction of light to produce melatonin to get us to sleep. By controlling these variables, creating a practical bedroom design style, and adhering to good sleep rules, we can ensure a good night’s sleep each night.   

Many people focus on furniture and bedding while considering décor ideas, but very few realize that bedroom curtains can either make or break the room. The right choice of curtains, drapes, and window blinds in NYC can take a bedroom from boring to breathe taking.   

Bedroom curtains offer a great way to elevate the home’s interior design. By hanging curtains or updating your current bedroom curtains, you can achieve the look, feel, and ambiance you desire for the bedroom to look positively blissful.   

In this blog, we shall discuss the best bedroom curtain ideas, along with some tips on how to choose bedroom curtains.   

Top factors that contribute to deep sleep  

Before you proceed with choosing the right curtain, drape, or blinds for your bedroom, here are the key factors to look upon:  

A restful routine  

Your routine plays a crucial role in making you fall asleep. Maintain a regularly scheduled bedtime and avoid distractions swirling around in the mind. The human body is particularly sensitive to light exposure for a few hours before bedtime. Therefore, darken the bedroom space an hour before bedtime. Also, if you can condition yourself to go to bed around the same hour every night, your body automatically produces melatonin to help you fall asleep. As a part of the routine, regulate the temperature of your bedroom to ensure the room is not too hot or cold.   

Pleasant design style  

Routine is hard to achieve, especially if you don’t adhere to good bedroom design rules. If you stay in one of the apartments which gets a lot of glares due to streetlights, it is advisable to choose motorized shades in New York or blinds with a room-darkening layer. However, choose one of those window coverings that can be custom built to your preferences about how to regulate the light and noise according to personal satisfaction. With numerous choices in color, pattern, style, and type, your bedroom can easily get designed to create privacy, light control, optimal temperature, and a modern look.   

Types of window treatment for bedroom  

Window treatment solutions are highly practical, functional, and enhance your interior décor. But if you are not sure which bedroom window curtains to choose, here are some best window covering solutions:   

Cellular shades  

Cellular shades are one of the most famous bedroom window treatments, thanks to their seamless window frames and wide range of room darkening liners. It also comes in an array of colors and textures. Cellular shades not just block the light, but also warm up your bedroom during the cold months and cool down the room during the summer. Additionally, cellular shades help reduce outside noise, adding more ambiance to the bedroom.   

Roller shades,   

Roller shades are highly popular for bedrooms, but if you are a light sleeper and any slightest discomfort through the windows bothers you, it is advisable to choose another option. Roller shades installed as an inside mount or an outside mount can still allow glare at night around the edges. So, if you get annoyed with any cracks of light trickling in, connect with our team for varied solutions.   

Solar shades  

Solar shades are also personal favorites if you love the idea of minimal outdoor distracting light and privacy. Solar shades are sleek window treatment solutions that can get customized with your privacy threshold and see-through various requirements. Additionally, they block the sun during the day, protect your furniture, and help avoid UV rays.   


For many homeowners, shutters refer to the ultimate window treatment for their classic style and amazing architecture. You can limit the amount of light by covering some of the window frames, but it can also be a plus for the bedroom as a dark sleeping space. Shutters are also highly durable, energy-efficient, and increase the house’s resale value.   


If you love the idea of an extravagant and decorated bedroom, add thick drapes with dark liners and layers over other window treatments for a bedroom that encases your bedroom in a heavy layer to obliterate menacing light and outdoor noise.   

Colorful patterns  

Colors have their own charms. If you are sleep challenged, choose a calming color palette to induce a soothing feel on the window panels. It is often advisable by experts to choose blue, grey, green, and brown colors. Also, neutrals and whites also offer restful hues. If you are looking for saturated colors, go for a classic navy or a dark earthy green. Colour is a powerful tool to stir up emotions in your bedroom.   


There are numerous curtain styles available in the market. To save time and effort on the curtain–hanging process, visit Stylish Window – the best window treatment company in NYC. We offer incredibly easy-to-install products and high-end service. For more information, visit our website and browse through our wide range of services and products.   


What are the points to consider while choosing a window treatment for bedrooms?  

  • The function of the window treatment  
  • Location of the room  
  • Privacy and style requirements  
  • Fabric  
  • Size  
  • Colour  

Can we use two different window treatments in the same room?  

You can use different treatments in different rooms, but it is not a hard and fast rule to use different window treatments for different rooms. However, many designers suggest using the same window treatment throughout the home, except for rooms that are unique.   

Can we combine curtains with blinds?  

Yes. When paired, both curtains and blinds bring out a flexible décor and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy.   

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