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A Guide On Choosing Right Window Treatment For Commercial Spaces

Choosing the right window treatment for your office space is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to give the entire space a refined and sleek look. Window treatment solutions creates a great impact on the overall décor and plays a vital role in creating the ambiance as per required. Commercial spaces demand professionalism and an aesthetically appealing environment to boost employee morale and productivity. Installing the best blinds and shades in Manhattan can help you achieve these goals quickly.   

What is the importance of the right window covering in commercial spaces?  

Commercial spaces like offices have several crucial requirements like attaining the right level of lighting, reducing glare, and creating a professional environment. All these factors must get reconsidered when choosing the right window covering for any commercial space. Most importantly, while designing your office, the functionality should be paramount. Spaces like retail, office, restaurant spa, home office, and other places need to make a way for living.   

To achieve such overwhelming goals, one cannot afford to make common décor mistakes, which we will talk about in this blog. But, before that, here is a compiled guide of significant factors to consider while choosing window treatments for a commercial space.   

What are the factors to consider while choosing a window treatment for Commercial spaces?  

The functionality of a window covering creates a huge impact on the ease of doing business. Common factors like sun protection, energy efficiency, insulation, privacy, and light control can contribute to employees’ convenience and even affect your organization’s profitability.  

But, if you’re focused on the functionality aspect, do not overlook the styling factor. Offices and commercial spaces should create the right first impression when visited by potential clients, investors, stakeholders, and most importantly, the employees.   

Therefore, while choosing window coverings for a commercial space, focus on achieving the right combination of aesthetics and functionality by working on these factors:  

Lighting arrangement  

The primary role of any window treatment is to protect the facility from harmful UV rays and scorching sunlight. Therefore, consider a window covering solution that offers optimum light control. The ability to set appropriate lighting in your office space can establish the perfect work mood, enhancing the team’s productivity.   

Although it makes sense to allow natural light and leverage it throughout the day, it’s also safe to avoid excess sunlight and glare. Too much glare makes it uncomfortable for the employees to focus or access their computer screens. Therefore, reduce glare and create optimal lighting arrangement that boosts employee morale and work progress.   

On the other hand, some office departments require a room-darkening effect, especially the meeting rooms and projector setup rooms. Thus, each room will have different requirements at different times of the day. The right window covering allows maximum light control, offering the flexibility to adapt to changes throughout the day in a commercial space.   

Privacy and view control  

Apart from the ability to control light, another crucial function of a window covering is to provide privacy and optimum view control. Any commercial space, despite having a great scenic view, will demand blocking the view completely or partially, especially if the team is trying to focus on their project. Therefore, choose a window covering that provides an adequate level of privacy and view control.   


The best way to achieve optimal lighting conditions and temperature in a commercial space is by attaining comfort in a workspace environment. The wrong choice of window treatment cannot influence the light or temperature in a room. As a result, it impacts the comfort level of the employees. For instance, if the office room gets too bright on summer afternoons, the sheer blinds and shades in Manhattan cannot serve the right purpose. Therefore, choose a window treatment that offers the level of coverage required to adapt to changing climatic conditions, enhancing the comfort level of your teams.   

Styling and Décor  

While functionality is the key to choosing the right window covering solutions for a Commercial spaces, it is also crucial to attaining the right visual look and feel of the space. The right ambiance will attract a positive and uplifting effect on the morale of your team members.   

It is always advisable to consider the interior features of a room including the color scheme and style to create a well-coordinated and highly functional space. Although it’s easier to ignore the architecture, one should rethink the final appearance of the space before buying the window coverings. For instance, a traditionally styled office space will look more settled with classing wood blinds or plantation shutters. On the other hand, a modern-styled property requires contemporary window treatments like aluminum blinds and motorized shades in New York to create a modern aesthetic.   

At Stylish Window, you can browse through a wide range of colors, styles, patterns, and textures in window treatment solutions to make it easier for coordinating and custom match-making to your existing décor.   

Automation for speed  

Everyone likes the idea of achieving convenience at the touch of a button. Of course, it pretty much summarizes the modern day-to-day lives. This fast-paced, globalized, digital economy is no different and requires streamlined solutions to attain efficiency.  

Automation has become the way of living and has touched the window covering solutions too. For instance, motorized blinds and shades offer convenience while enhancing efficiency in the workplace. Being able to operate window curtains remotely or at the touch of a button helps people control light, privacy, and outdoor views with ease.   

Automated window covering solutions particularly help commercial spaces where work gets highly interrupted by manually adjusting the blinds and shades. Whether you are renovating an individual office, a shared working space, an office breakroom, or a conference room, automation is a must-have feature to attain modernization and functionality at once.   


At Stylish Window- the best window treatment company in NYC, we offer a wide range of window treatment products to help our clients get what they are looking for. Whether you are searching for a window solution for commercial space or your home, we are here to assist you with the right product at the best affordable prices.  

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What are my options to cover a business window?  

The best window treatment solutions for office windows are:  

  • Aluminum mini blinds   
  • Roller shades  
  • Honeycomb shades  
  • Faux wooden blinds  

How to block a window without curtains?  

Here are your options if you don’t want to install curtains to block your window:  

  • Install an Awning   
  • Put a Mesh Liner  
  • Use black-out shades  
  • Window tint treatment  
  • Curtain liners  

Which blinds can help block maximum light?  

Choose one of the following window treatment solutions:  

  • Blackout blinds  
  • Roman blinds  
  • Vertical blinds  
  • Horizontal wooden blinds  

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